Why I mentor

I mentor because I'm passionate about helping people realize their full potential. I believe that it's important to give back to society and to pave the way for others to achieve their career goals by sharing my career and life experiences.

My Background

I began my career as a software engineer and progressed to strategic leadership roles in technology; advising C-level executives on emergent technology, disruption, and product strategy. My diverse career background spans startups, research labs, and large global enterprises, which gives me a unique perspective on career paths. I spent 10-years at The Walt Disney Company driving technical change, and ultimately writing my own job description. I've been a mentor since 2002.

Who I mentor

I mentor students and recent graduates who are starting their careers, as well as experienced professionals who are looking to move up. Although my focus is on technology, I also mentor individuals in non-technical careers.

Mentoring Topics

  • Career path exploration and strategy

  • Interview preparation

  • Strategies for excelling and "getting noticed"

  • Becoming recognized as a thought leader

  • How to drive change

  • Maintaining a healthy work/life balance


"Nigel is one of THE best mentors I've had in my career (and life in general). He genuinely cares about people and connects with their stories, and really knows how to bring out the best in them and set them up for success. Not only does he have the advice and guidance to inform your career years into the future, but he also has the patience and empathy to be that pillar of support and reassurance."

Marketing Strategy Manager